Areas of Practice


White Collar / Financial Crimes

The attorneys of Hoevet Olson specialize in the defense of white collar crimes, which includes mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, securities or investment fraud, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, health care fraud, Internet fraud, tax fraud, etc.  – More

Measure 11

Measure 11 imposes mandatory minimum sentences on specified crimes, like first and second degree assault, manslaughter and certain sex crimes. But for narrow exceptions, Measure 11 requires the judge to impose the statutorily set minimum sentence.  – More

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes range from simple possession of drugs up through interstate and international conspiracies to manufacture and distribute controlled substances. We represent everyone from the college student found with a small amount of marijuana in his dorm room, to the person charged with making or selling large quantities of street drugs for profit and directing others in a criminal enterprise.  – More

Sex Offenses

Allegations of sexual offenses present unique concerns and difficulties for the accused. The consequences of a sex offense conviction are great, as numerous sex crimes are subject to substantial mandatory minimum prison sentences and require registration as a sex offender. Further, the repercussions of allegations can continue long after the end of a case due to the stigma society attaches to crimes such as sexual abuse, production and possession of child pornography, and rape.  – More

Violent Crimes

Hoevet Olson has extensive experience handling all sorts of violent crimes, from simple harassment to aggravated murder. For serious felonies, the stakes are high. In 1994, Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 11 which sets mandatory minimum sentences for listed crimes, ranging from 70 months for robbery in the second degree to 300 months for rape and murder. Except in limited situations, the judge has no discretion to impose a lower sentence, regardless of the person’s prior arrest record or the extenuating circumstances of the crime.  – More

Appeals/Post Conviction

Hoevet Olson offers expertise and experience for those seeking to challenge state and federal criminal convictions in the state and federal appellate courts, or through post conviction and habeas relief. Our attorneys are well versed in spotting legal issues to raise on appeal, and skilled at developing creative arguments on legal issues that are, or should be, in debate.  – More


Clearing your name. If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime in your past, you may be eligible for a court order setting aside your arrest or conviction record, a process known as expungement. Law makers determined that you should not be forever burdened by a criminal record once you have successfully completed the terms of probation and paid your debt to society.  – More

Tax Crimes

Persons under investigation for tax fraud should consider the unique experience of the attorneys with Hoevet Olson. Ron Hoevet began his career as a trial attorney with the Criminal Section of the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Then as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Portland, he was responsible for tax fraud prosecutions in Oregon. – More

Environmental Crimes

Illegal acts which directly harm the environment are now being prosecuted much more vigorously, with the potential for substantially greater punishment in cases of conviction. Such crimes include illicit trade and disposal of hazardous waste; illegal logging and the associated trade in stolen timber; illegal trade and killing of wildlife; and illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing.  – More

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants

Every two years, it seems, the legislature passes a new law that increases the punishment for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Repeat offenders could now face felony charges and greater fines. Thankfully, first time offenders generally are eligible for diversion, meaning the case will be dismissed after one year if the person participates in a court-ordered treatment program.  – More


Misdemeanors generally are defined as crimes punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine. They range from minor assaults to low level property crimes and traffic offenses. They typically involve little or no jail, but certain misdemeanor convictions can affect your drivers’ license, housing and employment. Most misdemeanors can be expunged from your record, but some cannot.  – More