Tax Crime Attorneys

Persons under investigation for tax fraud should consider the unique experience of the attorneys with Hoevet Olson. Ron Hoevet began his career as a trial attorney with the Criminal Section of the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. Then as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Portland, he was responsible for tax fraud prosecutions in Oregon.

Building upon that foundation, he built his private practice around defending persons against allegations of tax fraud. He has represented scores of persons facing criminal tax fraud investigations and prosecutions. Celia Howes has also represented persons in tax fraud cases.

The defense of tax fraud is a very specialized field, requiring an intimate knowledge of IRS regulations and procedures. Cases range from failing to file a tax return to filing a false one, and more complicated schemes to hide income and evade tax, such as failing to file a foreign bank account or foreign asset report.

The government must prove intentional wrongdoing, and you may have an innocent explanation for your conduct. Ron and the other attorneys at Hoevet Olson are uniquely suited to quickly assess your situation and mount a vigorous defense.