Drug Crime Lawyers

Drug crimes range from simple possession of drugs up through interstate and international conspiracies to manufacture and distribute controlled substances. We represent everyone from the college student found with a small amount of marijuana in his dorm room, to the person charged with making or selling large quantities of street drugs for profit and directing others in a criminal enterprise.

A successful defense in drug cases often turns on the ability to challenge the admissibility of seized evidence, or a confession, on the ground that law enforcement violated the client’s constitutional rights in how it conducted its investigation. We will examine these issues in detail with you to determine whether you have a legal defense which may result in a dismissal of your case.

Our firm has a working knowledge of the intricacies of state and federal sentencing guidelines for drug crimes, which, unfortunately, establish very onerous sentences for even relatively minor drug charges. We may encourage our clients to enter a drug treatment program, because often an addiction is the root cause of the criminal conduct landing the person in trouble. If the person is amenable to treatment, the charge may end in a diversion or suspended sentence.

The lawyers at Hoevet Olson have extensive experience in all phases of drug crime prosecutions, from investigation, motion practice, and trial, in both state and federal court.