Expungement Attorneys

Clearing your name. If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime in your past, you may be eligible for a court order setting aside your arrest or conviction record, a process known as expungement. Law makers determined that you should not be forever burdened by a criminal record once you have successfully completed the terms of probation and paid your debt to society.

Getting a fresh start may be critical to future employment opportunities, professional or trade licenses, housing and education. Once expunged, your criminal history will not be been seen in the public file by anyone conducting a background check on you.

Most misdemeanors and Class C felonies may be expunged. We charge a flat fee for uncontested expungements. If your past crime is eligible for expungement, you may file the motion three years after your conviction. There is a ten year waiting period if you have more than one conviction. Don’t delay clearing your name!