DUI Attorneys

Every two years, it seems, the legislature passes a new law that increases the punishment for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Repeat offenders could now face felony charges and greater fines. Thankfully, first time offenders generally are eligible for diversion, meaning the case will be dismissed after one year if the person participates in a court-ordered treatment program.

Most eligible persons choose this option. If you are not eligible for diversion, we would aggressively defend you in all aspects of the case, including a searching review for constitutional violations in the manner in which you were stopped and investigated.

This is a deceptively complex area of the law, requiring attorneys experienced in the scientific aspects of the state’s case and all of the procedural steps the police must follow to process an arrest. We would also represent you in the separate proceeding before the DMV to try to help you keep your license. But you must act quickly to preserve your right to a hearing.